Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finally. A Bedroom Makeover.

*Warning: Some of these images may be disturbing. If you are afraid of a room that looks like it should be on an episode of 'Hoarders' or you are afraid of disorganization, this may not be the article for you. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Finally. We have been homeowners of our wee abode for almost 7 years. In the 7 years since we have owned it, we have accomplished the following:
- a new hot water tank (a month after we moved in)
- a new roof
- a new shed - see the beauty HERE
- tenants - and then a transformed the formal rental suite to 'Suite B' - our comfortable little getaway to snuggle up and watch TV - that has a bathroom and big guest room for our favourite guests (you know who you are)
- gardening - lots of gardening. Cedars removed (b/c they weren't alive months after we moved in), gardens pulled, trees planted, tomatoes galore...
- a new bathroom fan
- a painted Suite B
- a painted spare room - with a new bed and armoire
- a painted upstairs bathroom
- brand new stainless steel appliances for the kitchen
- brand new appliances - fridge and stove for Suite B. Fridge needed to be replace b/c our first tenant took a hammer and screwdriver to it to try and defrost it - epic Fail.
- cabinets for our downstairs 'computer room/walk through' for storage
- a brand new furnace - we stuck with oil heat - it keeps us warm
- a painted front door
- a wedding - trust me that counts :)
- a new cabinet from The Farmhouse in Vancouver

When you put it in a list like that, it seems like we have done a lot. We need to do so much more. My current 'to do' list (or I may call it 'wish list'), and not in any specific order is:
- new vanity and mirror for the upstairs bathroom - which will need a new paint job
- new deck
- new kitchen - or just new countertops for now - with a new paint job
- living room painted
- new living room furniture
- gutters done (this should be on the top of our list)
- have a killer wasp nest removed (also adding to the top and calling the specialists tomorrow) - husband is not an exterminator... I will give him credit for trying
- organize the linen closet and closet underneath our stairs
- redo master bedroom

Alright - the main purpose of me sharing this with you, is because we just crossed one item off of our 'to do' list. A project that started in April was finally finished on Friday. There are still a few things that need to be done - a new light fixture, center the item that hangs above our bed into the center, and find some art for above one of the dressers. I had a picture that I was going to blow up and put on canvas - but it's not working for me. I am going to go with Plan B - I just don't know what that is yet.

Please move through the next 2 images if you're queazy of an untidy bedroom.

Dark - unmade bed...

Old dressers - full of stuff. 

Waiting for the dressers to be fully completed - in progress - aka pure chaos. PS - the tambourine made it down to Suite B. 

And the finished product. Hallelujah. I hear angels...

Creating some unique storage - I think about 40 pair of shoes. I have a problem.

Looking for art for above the long dresser. Hydrangeas, a red vase for a little bit of colour.

One dresser - for 'husband's' clothes and a beautiful wedding gift from my bestie Jocelyn.

Love it. 

Orchids - just for a bit of art - they almost look real. 

And the piece de resistance - a closet organizer. Hoorah. 

We purchased new dressers, new bedding and redid the closet with a closet organizer. but the most major change that we did - was we got organized. Everything in our tiny room has a place. The bed is always made and our clothes are always put away.

Before when I used to enter our room - I would have to open the door because it was never open on the chance that someone could pop over and see how awful it was. We rarely made the bed. And we had clothes everywhere because we had storage issues.

We have got rid of so much stuff. We took about, and I am not exaggerating, 6 gigantic size bags of clothes to the Salvation Army, and I have given 3 large bags of 'stuff' to Big Brothers and clothes to friends as well.

We both feel lighter. We feel organized. We feel a sense of calmness and brightness when we enter our room. And we love it so.

I just wanted to share.



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Anonymous said...

Cheryl, I am so proud of both of you and it looks like it came out of a magazine. next time I stay there I am sleeping upstairs. Mom