Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tickling taste buds.

Oh hi. Remember me? No seriously, do you? Where have I been? What is wrong with me?

Some may not believe this - but I have been so homesick for my wee blog lately. I think about it everyday - I think about what recipe I would post, what picture I would use, what I should share of my boring life and what I shouldn't. At the end of the day - after a boot camp, a run, a long day at work, a dog walk and spending time watering my 'farm', I just run out of time.

Being homesick from my blog reminds me of when I used to go to Vancouver every summer and visit my grandparents. At some point - either right away or midway through the summer, my parents would leave and it would be me and my sister. I would cry myself to sleep every night - it pure disbelief at home much I missed my mom and dad. Swenson's Ice Cream parlour almost every night - the bubble gum ice cream with actual gum balls - helped ease my misery and probably helped me also gain 10 lbs. Oh the pain. I am not that homesick for the blog - but I am sure some ice cream could help ease my pain. Uh - don't even try and get me to have ice cream. Oh I love that stuff.

My goal for this week is to post two more posts after this one. Dare me. No seriously, please dare me.

I just wanted to post a few pictures - something to tickle your taste buds (is that even a thing?) and I will  share some recipes soon.





I hope that you're enjoying summer and loving life.



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Pilar Would Eat That said...

Dpuble dog dare you!!!! Omg what are those bbq lettuce with lettuce and cheeeese?! Wait.. Wait.. What about the tomato!!! Waaaa <>