Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tomato love

If we ever are able to live out one of our dreams, it would be to have a little farm - nothing too big - but big enough - wide open spaces - gardens - a cow - a couple of goats - maybe some egg chickens - unfenced yard for everyone to run wild. Oh the dream. It's good to have dreams right?

Although our little piece of paradise is not a farm, I like to pretend that at the beginning of each Fall, when I bring in the tomato gems that have grown over the summer, that it's my little farm. Every summer since we have been in our house, I have grown a ton of tomatoes. Some summers are better than others. This summer was a good one - but I have a ton of green tomatoes that I am going to have to bring in and hope that they do what their supposed to do when they leave the garden.

There isn't really anything better than a tomato from the garden. Well, I am sure that there is - but a fresh tomato grown with love - is pretty damn tasty.

With all these tomatoes - it's time to do my favourite thing with them, ever.

Homemade tomato sauce. 

I have made this recipe several times before. I try and replicate it each time - sometimes I switch it up.

Here is a great version of it HERE.

The only thing that I did differently with this batch - is did them at night. I kept the oven on for probably about 5-6 hours. And then turned the oven off and let them stay in there for pretty much the entire next day. When I removed them from the oven, the skins came off so easily. I stored them in a container in the fridge for a couple of days - and am now making up a batch of sauce.

I sauteed onion. Added garlic and a bit of white wine. With a masher, mashed up the tomatoes, kept the seeds, and poured them into the pan to simmer on the stove. I added a bit of italian seasoning and some red pepper flakes for a tiny bit of heat.

Oh my - I can barely wait for dinner to gobble it all up.

Turkey meatballs - are all baked, and have been added into the sauce.

And then to serve it all up without pasta - say what????  - I have peeled zucchini into ribbons - and have created a delicious, fresh, full of flavour meal. Once the pasta sauce has simmered, add in the zucchini ribbons, and give it a quick toss to heat. Top it off with a sprinkle of fresh parmesan, and serve it hot.

This is a recipe similar to - this one HERE.

If you get your hand on some tomatoes - roasting them for sauce is really the best way to have them.



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