Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Must love Kale.

I've mentioned this before - but for me - being organized at home - is like being organized in my core. That may sound a bit odd - but if I have consistency and organization - I just feel better. I function better. Now, that being said, I have so much to do to get full organization around here - so that sort of means I am a bit unorganized on the inside. BUT, I am so much more focused on keeping things in order on a daily basis - that it just really benefits me day to day, week to week, etc.

For example - remember the episode of Hoarders when I showed you our before and after of our bedroom? Check it out HERE. Well, that was done about 9 months ago, and I am so happy to report that our bedroom is still as clean and organized as it was when we finished our wee transformation. We make our bed every morning. We open the blinds and curtains. We put our shoes away. We put our clothes away. That may sound a bit strange - but going to bed and waking up in tranquility, is just so good and healthy for me. Coming home from a long day - and knowing where my cozy clothes are (yoga pants and a hoody) are and seeing everything look fresh and clean, is a huge sigh of relief and peace.

So, taking baby steps, I tackled another organizational task this weekend. Small people. SMALL. We are not seeing any huge victories with this one - but oh did it feel good. I am embarrassed to show you the 'before' pictures, but I figure we're friends and there is no judgment. The TV show 'Hoarders' could have stopped by with this clean-out as well, but they weren't invited.

So, this is my 'spice' cupboard. I referred to it on many occasions. Like when I would be asked 'Where is your vanilla?' I would reply 'Oh, it's in the spice cupboard'. And, 'Where is your poultry seasoning?' - I would quickly answer 'In the spice cupboard, of course'. And then I noticed that I started answering 'In the spice cupboard' to questions like 'Where is that cigar I got from Maxine?' or 'Where is the cat's medication?'. As you can tell, the spice cupboard had sort of been turned into - the get it off the counter cupboard.



See! That baby had a lot of 'stuff' in it.

I pulled out so much stuff. Stuff that I didn't know that I had.

Then I recycled containers, composted (we have a new food composting program now and I was fully onboard with it this weekend) and cleaned it all out.

I got a metal shelf so that I had more space and didn't have to pile things on top of one another. It's not fancy - but it does the trick.

Then I got tiny mason jars and filled them with spices. They are the perfect size and will keep things nice and fresh.


And then I started putting things back in.

And voila! It's clean, organized and I can see what I have at a quick glance.

We are on day 3 and so far so good. The cinnamon that goes into our morning shakes is taken out and put back in the exact spot every time. I just love it.

Alright - time for some food talk.

I think that you may have noticed that we are sort of hooked on Kale around here. The stuff is so full of nutrients. It's hearty. And so easy to add to any dish. So instead of pasta (which I love so much but try to avoid it at all costs) I whipped up some meatballs and kale caesar salad.

I used extra lean ground beef for the meatballs.
And spaghetti sauce - from a jar. I used the Safeway Organics brand - and it is my 'go to' when I am not in the mood for making sauce from scratch.

For the kale - I add a tbsp of lemon olive oil and two cloves of grated garlic. I chopped a large bunch of kale into short strips and sauteed with a pinch of kosher salt over medium heat for about 8 minutes, or until it was  slightly softened.

In a bowl, I added 1/2 cup of non-fat greek yogurt, a heaping tbsp of dijon mustard and a tsp of honey and some freshly ground black pepper. Whisked it together and poured over the warm kale.

And topped it all with parmesan cheese.

It's hearty, flavourful and best of all good for you.